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Gel Batteries
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What is a Gel Battery?
A gel battery is a type of battery that contains a gel-like electrolyte. Gel batteries, especially used in renewable energy systems, can be returned from deep discharge and continued to be used even when they are not charged immediately. The batteries, which maximize their performance in long discharges, are also preferred for daily cyclic use. Gel batteries can be found especially in boats, caravans, golf vehicles, greenhouses, generators, ambulances, defense industry vehicles, pallet trucks, floor cleaning machines, telecommunication systems, wheelchairs, and mobile shops. The working principle of gel batteries is different from other batteries. Products working on the basis of transformation complete the transformation with the subsequent condensation of the gasified elements. For safety reasons, there is a special valve system inside the gel batteries. The valve minimizes water loss by preventing gas away from the battery. Water and similar liquids are not added to the batteries, which are called maintenance-free type batteries. Opening the valves shortens the life of the battery. Gas output is minimal in these batteries. The gas inside is reused by constantly circulating. For this reason, it is sufficient to have very small ventilation windows to remove the gas around the battery. The fact that the electrolyte in it is not liquid prevents the leakage problem. While capacity utilization is around 50% in wet batteries, it is 80% in gel batteries. It is called environmentally friendly. It does not cause air pollution. Easily charged gel batteries can be used safely in all weather conditions. They are batteries with superior durability against extreme heat and environmental conditions. It does not need the use of pure water, and it removes gas only in case of high pressure. It is 5% more efficient than dry batteries and other batteries. The affordable prices of gel batteries make them preferable. The fact that the maintenance cost of the battery is negligible and that it is durable enough to work even if it is partially broken also distinguishes the gel battery from other batteries. It can even work in vibrating environments.
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